01 October 2017

Island Earth Film Screening

What could be better than an amazing evening with a room full (and I mean full!) of globally conscious friends coming together for this intimate screening of Island Earth? The film is a thought-provoking view of modern agriculture and how GMOs are impacting the world we live in. Director Cyrus Sutton took us on a... Read More
15 May 2017

Re:Learning our Learning

ReLearning Our Learning was a profound conversation around education, education stewardship and the role of permaculture in education. We encourage you to watch the whole event. It may just change your life!     Deep, deep gratitude to everyone who came together to make this evening happen. To everyone who took the time to attend,... Read More
02 July 2016

Joshua Becker – The More Of Less

This week Joshua Becker joined us on his West Coast Book Tour (his first!) celebrating the release of his new book, The More of Less (buy it on Amazon). While on tour, Joshua was joined by special guests from the world of simplicity and minimalism. In Victoria, Joshua was joined by Cait Flanders from Blonde... Read More
14 January 2014

Beats Antique – The Hero’s Journey

Dear friends, We’re happy to announce the creation and launch of our new online project – The Hero’s Journey, a collective creation project brought to you in collaboration with the Joseph Cambell Foundation. We hope you enjoy this new project, which will lead to the release of our next album + a chance to win... Read More
18 October 2013

Daniel Pinchbeck on Mind Shift TV

My new talk show, Mind Shift, debuts next week. The show appears on , a new subscription service that focuses on spirituality, yoga, and consciousness. I am very excited about this enterprise… As we know, the mainstream media – particularly television – is deeply regressive, constricting the mass mind. For many years now, I... Read More
18 October 2013

Shpongle – Museum of Consciousness

Would you like to have your Amygdala tickled? Or watch a Jellyfish jump up a mountain? Perhaps you would rather feel like a brain floating in a fish tank, or watch molecules being juggled..A room with an Epiphany…or maybe an Extra-Celestial Aquatic Garden?..these and other Adventures in Shpongleland, can be found in………. ‘MUSEUM of CONSCIOUSNESS’... Read More
18 October 2013

Workshop: Promoter Ethics

At Bass Coast in 2010 Tribal Harmonix co-founder Sobey Wing led a conversation with an array of industry leaders & participants on the ethics of promoting. While this recording is dated, the conversation and its relevance is certainly NOT. Hope you will give it a listen…
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