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03 March 2012

I AM INFINITY :: Birds of Paradise & Ja Azura

On December 23rd Sunset Room (Victoria, BC) hosted the ever-awesome Bird of Prey for a night our community will long remember! In the continuing evolution of our digital art video series this night also brought together the visionary brilliance of artist and 3D sculptor Ja Azura who created this stunning … being. Bring that together with a fresh track from Torin’s new Birds of Paradise project and we present to you – I AM INFINITY. You DEFINITELY want to watch in 720p with the volume up! 🙂

Your LIKES, SHARES, POSTS & SUBSCRIPTIONS are most appreciated – help us get the word out on these amazing artists! Bless..

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  1. Brilliant work done by all! Ja– AMAZING digital sculpture! It was mega cool watching this progress live during the Bird of Prey show at Sunset Room.. and it is equally as awesome watching it sped up to match the song length. LOVE the song choice for this piece of art.

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