Gallery: Glitch That Stole Christmas

We got GLITCHED!! While our annual Glitch That Stole Christmas may have inadvertently (or intentionally ;) invoked some glitched up chaos.. it ultimately was an operationally smooth though ...
December 2012

Gallery: Erotica Electronica

What a GLORIOUS night!  Frisky fiends & flirty frenzies dominated the all-night dance naughtiness, full of dance & aerial performances, bodypainted beauties, bold burlesque ...
November 2012

Gallery: Erotica Electronica pt3

It's been well over a month since our amazing debut Erotica Electronica night - but this great gallery from Evan Boyd Photography sure captures the night! As with all our ...
May 2012

Explorica Erotica?

While Sunset certainly has many hundreds of events over our diverse history, it would be a stretch to say we’ve done anything like THIS before! Inspired by a night of the ...
March 2012