Evan Boyd

Gallery: Sunset Sounds

What do you get when you mix some of Victoria's MOST FUN artists, a HUGE collaborative canvas by Urbanheart and a bunch of the most nutty dancers we can get our hands on? ...
August 2012

Gallery: May @ Sunset Room

Here's another fun gallery from some of our recent May 2012 shows at Sunset - all captured by the ever-ready lens of Evan Boyd Photography! This gallery includes...
July 2012

Gallery: ReAwaken

What do you get when you cross two amazing local music crews (acting as one) and one amazing non-local musician (acting as two)?? Although it's NOT a riddle, it remains ...
June 2012
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Gallery: Labyrinth pt2

Well, the debut of our Labyrinth Experience this last Saturday was one seriously stellar night! Thanks to all the alchemists who came out – sooooo stellar! We had to swap out …
April 2012
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Art of the Week: The New Pride

Kristin's brush continued to wreak magical havoc on canvases everywhere! This one, entitled 'The New Pride' (for sale, 36" x 72") is a mixed media collage & acrylic on canvas ...
April 2012
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Gallery: December @ Sunset

Here’s a combined gallery of 3 Sunset Room shows from December including Grime Machine, House Insurance & Riptide! We’ve got lotsa glorious captured moments of ...
January 2012

Gallery: November @ Sunset

Here’s another awesome slew of pics from Sunset Photographer Evan Boyd! These include pics from House Insurance, Grime Machine, CRUSH & Riptide! Big ups ...
November 2011

Gallery: TripSwitch

Early in November Florian put together a great night titled ‘TripSwitch’ (later realizing it was not intended to be confused with the artist of the same name). Despite the ...
November 2011

Art of the Week: Zombies!

Sometimes things just go wrong, as they did on this midday shoot near the docks in Victoria. Have to be careful the models don’t get too into character! Models: ...
October 2011