01 October 2017

Screening: Island Earth

What could be better than an amazing evening with a room full (and I mean full!) of globally conscious friends coming together for this intimate screening of Island Earth? The film is a thought-provoking view of modern agriculture and how GMOs are impacting the world we live in. Director Cyrus Sutton took us on a... Read More
15 May 2017

Re:Learning our Learning

ReLearning Our Learning was a profound conversation around education, education stewardship and the role of permaculture in education. We encourage you to watch the whole event. It may just change your life!     Deep, deep gratitude to everyone who came together to make this evening happen. To everyone who took the time to attend,... Read More
17 November 2016

Screening: Before the Flood

If you could know the truth about the threat of climate change — would you want to know? On November, 13, 2016, Tia Benn, Tamara Mortimer and Jason Guille co-hosted a screening of the National Geographic documentary Before the Flood. This important evening brought together the vital & inter-related issues of global warming, our dependence... Read More
02 August 2015

Screening: Reaching Blue

Evolver Victoria, as part of their DEEP DIVE: THE OCEAN AND OUR PLANETARY PSYCHE theme, brought the documentary film Reaching Blue to Sunset Labs (and beyond, with help from Stream of Consciousness)  on July 30, 2015. Reaching Blue is the story of a coastal way of life under threat, where hope is found in stories... Read More
14 January 2014

Beats Antique – The Hero’s Journey

Dear friends, We’re happy to announce the creation and launch of our new online project – The Hero’s Journey, a collective creation project brought to you in collaboration with the Joseph Cambell Foundation. We hope you enjoy this new project, which will lead to the release of our next album + a chance to win... Read More
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