The Bloom Documentary Arrives!

A Journey Through Transformational Festivals

After what seems like an AGE of waiting for this amazing project to come to light, this Saturday March 30th (as part of our Ancestors & Guardians event) the Sunset Room gets to play host to the Vancouver Island debut of THE BLOOM: A JOURNEY THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONAL FESTIVALS! Amidst the global crisis of a dysfunctional old paradigm, a new renaissance of human culture is underway. Over the course of 4 episodes and 23 transformational festivals around the globe, THE BLOOM explores the alchemy of themes that weave a true story of genuine hope for our times: A new blooming of human consciousness emerging through creativity, love and joy & an emerging culture pointing the way to a bright and promising future.

Our first episode considers the “Fundamental Frequencies” required to be a whole human, examining how Transformational Festivals create immersive environments of INSPIRATION, which become containers for peak experiences of CONNECTION, very often catalyzing powerful HEALING processes with lasting and positive life-changing effects for participants.

Join us for this amazing night!!


Transformational Festivals: Update

Fresh off the presses… Our first trailer for the Transformational Festivals documentary series, created from footage of the Symbiosis Festival just 3 weeks ago at Pyramid Lake, Nevada! Second trailer in the works featuring Lighting in a Bottle:)

Our kickstarter campaign is in it’s final phase, and your support, whether financial or energetic, is deeply appreciated. Only 9 days remaining and over $5000 left to raise to meet our funding requirement – and please help spread the video – we’re here to highlight our tribe and cowrite the movement of transformation and the New Earth. We probably didn’t help matters by spending most of the first 2 weeks of our campaign out of wifi range while filming at our first 2 festivals! We appreciate every contribution towards realizing this beautiful vision!!!

Trailer features music by Kaminanda, Random Rab & Kalya Scintilla

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Transformational Festivals Webseries

Transformational Festivals are a potent phenomenon blossoming on the west coast and beyond and playing a profound role in hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. Our new 4-part documentary video series sets out on a journey over summer 2012, exploring 10 to 12 of the premier festivals of this kind to illuminate this remarkable phenomenon.

Joining the forces of TEDx presenter Jeet-Kei Leung as narrator/host and videographers Syd Woodward (Grounded TV Network) and Akira Chan (Akira Chan Arts), the “Transformational Festivals” series will bridge the gap in articulating the profound nature of this burgeoning movement. The 4 parts explore key themes related to the transformational nature of these festivals, combining Jeet-Kei’s insights with inspirational interviews and the evocative, magic moments captured through the Syd and Akira’s lens.

This webseries aims to explain this remarkable and important phenomenon while retaining the artistic sensibility and inspired creativity from which these festivals have been birthed in the first place. Our goal is to promote coherency and cohesion among those in the culture while building a bridge of understanding with those outside it–to support growth and expansion while preserving the magic and integrity of this potent movement.

With Jeet-Kei’s TEDx talk on the subject surpassing 25,000 views in the 6 months since its release and Syd’s collaboration with Jeet-Kei “Revelation on the Dancefloor” passing 13,000 views in less than 3 months, expect this new project to take understanding of this emergent subject to a whole new level.

EPISODE 1: “The Peak Moments Of Our Lives”
EPISODE 2: “The Parties Are Practice”
EPISODE 3: “A Sense Of Mythos & The Sacred”
EPISODE 4: “Reinhabiting The Village”

Jeet-Kei’s Update on the Kickstarter Project!:

YES… Our Kickstarter is Live! We’ve set a 33-Day Campaign to raise $10,000 (or more;) towards production & travel costs in creating this ground-breaking video series on Transformational Festivals. And we are all en route to the first festival in our itinerary–SYMBIOSIS at Pyramid Lake, Nevada–to begin filming tomorrow!

After several months of planning and work, it’s such a thrill to launch this dream project. Over half of the dozen festivals on our planned itinerary are lined up and supporting our vision. Please check out our kickstarter video, share with your networks and help us realize this dream if you can… We plan to take the representation & articulation of this important culture to the next level!

While we working towards being ready to launch a week or two ago, it is perhaps fitting that this is happening as we are all on our way to start shooting at our first festival. (I mean I’m literally heading out the door as soon as I hit send;) Our goal is to find the line where what we produce can both garner deep resonant cheers from those in the culture and offer those outside it an enlightening ah-hah understanding of the universal lessons at play that don’t necessarily require a love of techno or dubstep.

Thanks for reading and for your support… More soon!

With Love & Light,
Jeet-Kei Leung


Jeet-Kei on Transformational Festivals

Jeet-Kei Leung: “Transformational Festivals & The New Evolutionary Culture”
hosted at Illumination Moon | Friday April 6th 2012 | 8:30-9:30pm
Velox Valhallian Sports Assn, 3957 Gordon Head Road

From early roots in rave culture, a new breed of transformational festival has evolved that has been profoundly affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands, while still remaining outside the mainstream gaze. Blossoming over the west coast and spreading internationally, these festivals have taken the time-honoured ritual of ecstatic dance back to its natural origins and built around them richly co-created, cutting-edge realities that give their participants the lived glimpse of a very possible future—one based on creativity, expression, inspiration, sharing, healing and compatible diversity.

Jeet-Kei Leung aka DJ Mazeguider has been an iconic figure in Vancouver’s tribal dance underground for nearly 15 years. His riveting, groundbreaking talk on the meaning and model behind these festivals will open your eyes and mind to the real significance and vital generativity that have been brewing in these transformational festivals. Accompanied by the stunning photography by Kyer Wiltshire, Alexander Synaptic and others, come see what people have been raving about from TEDxVancouver, Hollyhock Summer Gathering, to festivals such as Entheos, Bass Coast, The Oracle Gatherings, VEMF and now Illumination Moon