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Gallery 1: Seasons Advance

I think there needs to be a new word that describes the amount of awesome in a particular place. Like.. the density of awesomeness. Sunset Room would be a good place ...
September 2012
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Gallery: Desert Dwellers

It was an incredible Sunset Room first when The Desert Dwellers arrived to a packed house of gorgeous community in their tribal & colourful best, ready to drift ...
September 2012

Gallery: ReAwaken

What do you get when you cross two amazing local music crews (acting as one) and one amazing non-local musician (acting as two)?? Although it's NOT a riddle, it remains ...
June 2012
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Live Mix: Dodd @ Crush Finale

On the last 2011 installation of our tech-house series CRUSH, we hosted 4 masterful beatmakers - Fractal, Rowan, Hipples & Dodd. Here is Dodd's live set from this beautiful ...
May 2012

Gallery: Cosmic Caravan

Our Cosmic Caravan night last weekend was nothing short of AWE INSPIRING. So much talent, so many contributors, sooooo much fun. As the vendors started to ...
April 2012

Gallery: Labyrinth i2

As our second Labyrinth Experience night arrived, complete with a fully new fabric installation, there was a real buzz in the air around Sunset. The decor was completed with ...
April 2012
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Gallery: Celestial Suspects

On Sat Dec3 Sunset played host to Florian’s birthday party, an event delivered in the sonic & environmental spirit of the Entheos Gatherings, and Sunset resident photographer ...
January 2012

Gallery: November @ Sunset

Here’s another awesome slew of pics from Sunset Photographer Evan Boyd! These include pics from House Insurance, Grime Machine, CRUSH & Riptide! Big ups ...
November 2011