Adham Shaikh

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Lessons from Starfire & Shaikh!

On Friday April 20th two of North America's most talented producers hit town for our Cosmic Caravan show at Victoria Event Center. There is a lot these two have in common ...
April 2012

The Caravan Approaches!

Cresting the very edge of the galaxy the Cosmic Caravan is approaching, and with it a long night of minstrels, magic & the best kinds of mayhem! As this gathering ...
March 2012

Gallery: Tunes for Tibet 08

We reach into the archives to share with you some images from this amazing night. Born of my participation in a course I was taking that focused on self expression ...
March 2012

Cosmic Caravan Returns

Drifting wistfully from star to star must take a Cosmic Caravan quite some time, for it has been more than 2 years since we have seen the interstellar gypsy tribe set up ...
March 2012

Earthdance Reaches!

A few months ago our team came together and decided Earthdance was ready for something new – some shift in how we were delivering & hosting our event, such ...
September 2011