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18 November 2018

Kaminanda, the Eccentric Genius

by DJ Rowan Sentesy

I’ve been putting on events for over 10 years in Victoria, and some of you have been dancing alongside me for longer than that! There was this other guy around back then, mid 00’s. He was this eccentric genius raw foodist yogi named Stephen and he was one of the first DJs I ever saw play in Victoria.

It was up in the old Euro Studios (now it is called Alive) on Cook st, where some friends of ours were putting on these World music dance nights. I was intrigued by the idea of world music and dancing, but had not really been immersed in the scene yet….

I remember walking into the dark dancefloor, smelling some sage and nag champa aromas wafting through the humid air. It was sparsely decorated but the dancefloor was lit up with a shiny collection of dancers dancing with such enthusiasm and grace! Some of these faces are still familiar to me, even now, over a decade later.

On the decks was DJ Kaminanda, playing really wacky world fusion stuff that was so new and fresh to my ears!  I have seen him play dozens of times since then, shredding live guitar in Zimbomoto at Earthdance, elevating the vibe alongside Kalya Scintilla at the James Bay Rugby club (before Dance Temple came to be!), playing prime time set at Entheos under a glowing dome in the woods, jamming out his freshest remixes at the old Yoga Shala, and of course, many times rocking Sunset Labs (which back then was still “Sunset Room”)!

His adventures since then have taken him around the world and back a few times, headlining amazing transformational festivals on multiple continents. He tours with some of the best acts in the world, is known for his energetic and engaging performances and he’s a really sweet guy. We’re excited to welcome him back in his home town to share his latest musical creations with our beautiful community!

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