Returning Saturn

Gallery: Ascend

Not every artist that sets their mind to it 'makes it' out there in the big world... so when a well known Victoria music maker like Kaminanda returns, who is now frequenting festivals with ...
January 2013

Gallery 2: Seasons Advance

A second gallery of beautiful images from the amazing recent annual installment of Returning Saturn`s Seasons Advance! Big love to Evan Boyd Photography for ...
September 2012

Gallery: Astral Harvest

This year's Astral Harvest event was simply one of the most amazing fests I've been to in an age. Just the right size, all the right people, a super solid team and an AMAZING ...
August 2012

Gallery: ReAwaken

What do you get when you cross two amazing local music crews (acting as one) and one amazing non-local musician (acting as two)?? Although it's NOT a riddle, it remains ...
June 2012