Delhi 2 Dublin

Delhi 2 Dublin Resonates

Brought together for a one-off performance at the Vancouver Celtic Festival in 2006, their unique blend of electronic dance beats infused with Punjabi Bhangra and Celtic folk ...
April 2013

Reflections of an Astral Harvest

When Kristin & I were invited to Astral Harvest Music Festival it was one of those EASY YESES. Aside from the curiosity to discover a new event, some of the festivals ...
July 2012

Gallery: Event Media 2008

In 2008 we started to hit our stride - both musically, and graphically! Which is to say - we started to play with some really great graphic designers! We also ...
April 2012

Gallery: Tunes for Tibet 08

We reach into the archives to share with you some images from this amazing night. Born of my participation in a course I was taking that focused on self expression ...
March 2012