Gallery: VEMF 2012 @ Sunset

The Victoria Electronic Music Festival's afterparty at Sunset Room is legendary - and rightfully so! Somehow, after a full day - or two - of ripping it up in Centennial Square to ...
September 2012

Visions of VEMF

For most of us dance-centric Islanders, the Victoria Electronic Music Festival holds a pretty special place in our hearts. I expect almost every experienced DJ around here has ...
August 2012

Festival Spotlight: VEMF

If you live round these parts, you're already super familiar with Victoria Electronic Music Festival. Let me offer a quick description for those who aren't!: VEMF is a ...
April 2012
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Mazeguider at VEMF 2011

Jeet-Kei Leung, AKA Mazeguider performed two live sets during the 2011 Victoria Electronic Music Festival. One set in Centennial Square, the second at Rehab Club.... Read More
April 2012

Gallery: Instagram 2011

This album is PLENTY random, but also, a pretty accurate reflection of how I spent most of my time in 2011. So here it is - an inside peek at my last year, through the ...
March 2012