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19 June 2012

Gallery: Living Room Experience

When we were first contacted by the Galactivated Tribational Frequency Oscillator Project, well.. based solely on their name we naturally assumed they had traveled backwards through time to give us a heads up on some amazing producer we should start booking NOW before they became too huge. The truth was only slightly different – they had settled into Victoria and wanted us to co-create an amazing show with AMAZING talent that was available to us right here in this day & age! Their vision was one we could quickly get behind.

As most coastal dance community are well aware BC’s electronic dance scene is often seen as defined by the world renowned (and these days SOLD OUT) Shambhala Music Festival in BC’s beloved Kootenays. Since 1998 this gathering has provided an annual pilgrimage point for those of us seeking tribe, dance, creation and music from some of the best artists in the underground. Every year this festival pushes the boundaries with it’s 5 different stages; the Fractal Forest, the Pagoda, the Labyrinth, the Village and the Living Room. Juxtaposed with the divine natural landscape, these futuristic dance spectacles each feature a different vibe and aesthetic that leave an imprint on everyones Shambhala experience. These stages are a perennial topics of discussion for the scene and everyone has their preferences but – there is only one stage that seems to be loved by all:

THE LIVING ROOM, aka THE BEACH STAGE. The place you go for a myriad of sounds that tickle the good spots with class showcasing deep rootsy, vibrations, cutting edge future crunkadelic bits, downtempo flows, funky dubs and anything else righteous, ire and dope. And on Saturday, May 12th we together opened a portal to this legendary stage as the masterminds behind the Living Room arrived in Victoria for an evening/night/morning of rootsy, eclectic sub-frequencies to bless the Sunset Room and bathe it in beachly beauty.

Hoola Hoop & Lion S are a legendary couple in the BC scene; respected for their wicked taste in music and the journeys they take their audiences on. With deep catalogues of music that would make many heads salivate, expect a wide spectrum of sounds that reverberate both the distant lazer-bass glitchy future and the rootsy past. As well as creating the Living Room stage, they have played important roles in the growth of Shambhala as a whole and have been responsible for booking some of the best artists over the years, and have had a huge influence on it’s over all vibe.

The event was amazing, and Sunset resident shooter Evan Boyd was onsite to capture some of the glory. Enjoy!

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