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15 May 2017

Re:Learning our Learning

ReLearning Our Learning was a profound conversation around education, education stewardship and the role of permaculture in education. We encourage you to watch the whole event. It may just change your life!

Deep, deep gratitude to everyone who came together to make this evening happen.
To everyone who took the time to attend, both online and in person. Just by being part of this discussion, you are making a difference in the world.

To panelists Starhawk, Mark Lakeman and Brandy Gallagher, who took time from their active Permaculture Design Certificate Course they were teaching at O.U.R. Ecovillage to come and share their wisdom. These beautiful humans are all making a huge difference in the world – if you aren’t yet familiar with what they are doing, please go check out their work and support them if you feel called to do so.

To local spoken word poet, Hannah Berry, for sharing her beautiful words with us and helping get our listening juices flowing. To event host Jason Guille, for bringing this panel together to create this beautiful discussion. To Stream of Consciousness, and to Sunset Labs, for donating their services and space.

If you enjoy thought provoking, rich and inspiring events on topics focused on healing and informing the world, you’ll want to connect with them to see what they’re working on next.

As the evening closed, each of the panelists left us with beautiful, heart-filled parting words.

Mark’s were that the biggest gift we can offer to anyone is to really hear them, and that hearing can provide deep healing.

Brandy’s were a beautiful description of the ritual that the community at O.U.R. Ecovillage put together to send the children out into the world, and to welcome them back. To remind them that we are all villagers, all connected and all with value.

Starhawk shared an excerpt from the end of her book, City of Refuge. The whole message was so inspiring, about people being flawed, imperfect and damaged, intertwined with the message of hope that all we can do is our best. When we falter, we can only move forward. To make a difference, need to try to get back to the path, even if we can’t see it clearly. She closed with the line “However cracked and broken your instrument, sing anyway.”

So, friends, let’s go out bravely into the world and sing anyway.

Relearning our Learning was a fundraiser in support of Xploration Centre, a new K-8 school coming into being in Victoria, BC. This innovative love and nature based school encourages whole system and inquiry based learning. It is being brought to life in Victoria, BC by entrepreneur Gordy Bal and a group of committed parents in response to the shifting learning needs of this new generation of children.

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