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28 March 2012

The Caravan Approaches!

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Cresting the very edge of the galaxy the Cosmic Caravan is approaching, and with it a long night of minstrels, magic & the best kinds of mayhem! As this gathering continues to grow & morph we want to ensure you know what’s up and who’s involved!

To start with, you might have noticed our rather unique & awesome event poster for this year’s installation of Cosmic Caravan! With much thanks to Vancouver’s visionary Mugwort Designs, this playful & decorative embodiment of the caravan was brought to life! I am SUPER stoked to announce that the genius behind Mugwort brother Isaac Mills will be joining us for this grand adventure and contributing his digital pen to the eager walls of our event! Be sure to watch his magic, and if you can, check out the prints he will be vending through our market!

The Great Gaia Gypsy Market will run for the whole show at Victoria Event Center (7pm-1am) and will feature 15+ amazing local artisans & craftspeople. We aren’t going to give you too many details on the contents of the market til all the spots are filled, and then we will publish the participating vendors list. If you are interested in vending at Caravan, please email us asap!

A quick note about the film screening – we will be showing Electronic Awakening from 5:30-7:00pm, and NO ins & outs will be allowed during this time. If you are intending to take in the movie, please arrive by 5:15pm as once the film starts we will no longer be allowing new guests in until 7pm. This movie is amazing, and warrants our respect. As do we the viewers! We hope you’ll support this intent, and we’re sure this will make for a more enjoyable experience for all!

If you think 1am will arrive and you will have plenty of dance left in you, then buy your ticket soon! The first 100 ticket buyers get into the Sunset Room afterparty free – and then we’re full! Please let your friends know this too, it’s no fun to disappoint those who just didn’t know this was how it was being done! Exact details on the afterparty will be published next week.

To see the full schedule for the night and/or to buy tickets go here!

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