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14 March 2012

Screening: Electronic Awakening!

Mark your calendars! One of the most brilliant, artistic & compelling explorations of dance culture to come along – particularly in a documentary – has been born in Electronic Awakening – “A Documentary Following the Conscious Evolution of Electronic Dance Culture”! This amazing piece debuted on Vancouver Island when we co-created OUR Earthdance last year, and will be making its first Victoria showing on Friday April 20th at the Victoria Event Centre (as part of the Cosmic Caravan Celebration).

ELECTRONIC AWAKENING is an ethnographic documentary film which investigates the spirituality and mysticism of Electronic Dance Music Culture (EDMC) and includes information about 2012 that hasn’t been released in the mainstream market as it relates to dance culture. In Electronic Awakening, director Andrew Johner lifts the veil on an underground spiritual movement that has developed within electronic music cultures worldwide. This close encounter with the mysticism of rave questions the origin of religion, and offers insight into future of man’s spirituality. It investigates this culture’s significance to the prophecies of 2012, how this bizarre and sacral relationship to electronic music has evolved the group overtime, and where it all seems to be leading them…

Director Andrew Johner writes, “In the summer of 2006 I traveled out West under a grant from my university to attend an assortment of parties and festivals investigating the mysticism of Electronic Music Culture. As an outsider to the scene, I was deeply intrigued to discover that such a deep spirituality existed within this community. Throughout the course of my initial field research I continuously encountered stories of life-changing experiences that were happening on the dance floor at these events. From my previous research into the subject of ancient religions, I questioned if what was being experienced at these parties were in fact tapping the same “sacred” source as shamans of the archaic past. I theorized that if there were some true and gnostic connection between ancient ritual and this contemporary youth phenomena, an intrinsic spirituality would have developed within this dance community. What I discovered was everything I could have imagined, but nothing at all what I expected… I hope that the inspiration and passion I received from my experience with this culture will prevail through this film, and that I may offer as much of the beauty of that ‘moment of oneness’ we all have in the music to those who have yet to experience it.”

Join us for this amazing event – and bring a pillow to sit on!

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