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01 October 2017

Screening: Island Earth

What could be better than an amazing evening with a room full (and I mean full!) of globally conscious friends coming together for this intimate screening of Island Earth?

The film is a thought-provoking view of modern agriculture and how GMOs are impacting the world we live in. Director Cyrus Sutton took us on a deep dive into this rich and complex tale where scientists, Hawaiian elders and community members show how ancient values can help save our food future.

Deep gratitude for the discussion and wisdom sharing of everyone who attended. So much inspiration and actionable ideas of how to create change at home, locally and globally.

After licensing fees, all proceeds were donated to Farm to School BC, a diverse and expanding provincial network that promotes, supports and links schools and communities working to bring healthy, local, just and sustainable food sourcing and food systems education into BC schools.

Rent or buy Island Earth here.
Support Farm to School BC here.

Island Earth Trailer from on Vimeo.

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