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15 October 2017

Sacred Sounds & Songs of Marya Stark

What an enchanting evening with Grandmother Kaariina, Marya Stark and hostess Sarah Wade held in the Divine Love of Traditional Guatemalan Cacao Ceremony!

A beautiful tribe came together to celebrate the divine feminine and divine masculine in its reunion, to open, heal and ignite the fires of wombs and loins. This was a sacred and profound evening dedicated to entering the conscious stream of the muse and the medicines of song and sound. Grandmother Kaariina, a loving elder from Vancouver Island returned to us to share her visions, hold sacred space for our healing and mentorship and to replant the seeds of the Village BluePrint. We were deeply blessed to have this incredible being here with us!!!

Marya Stark, award winning musical alchemist, artist and carrier of myth, magic and medicine songs left a lot of opened hearts after coming to play her first show in Victoria (we promise it won’t be the last!).


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