Art & Culture

Spotlight on Art!: Urbanheart Dezi

The shoot with model Dezi Desire and photographer Patrick Parenteau from Vancouver, was inspired by "gold shooting stars". Artist Kristin Urbanheart Grant ran with the theme ...
February 2013

the Steampunk Angel

Another amazing multi-artist collaboration, the Steampunk Angel was inspired by the glass angel hair headpiece that Shannon is wearing. Kristin then designed an angel wing stencil ...
January 2013

Art of the Week: DDR7 by Materia Media

I think this is the first time we have used the design of one of our events as the 'Art of the Week', but it won't be the last! Since the beginning of the series (with just a couple exceptions) ...
December 2012

Art of the Week: Green Faerie

Canadian bodypainters, photographers and models are Standing Together to create an art gallery show featuring vivid, edgy, beautifully inspired artwork that raises awareness about ...
November 2012

Art of the Week: Lucid by Geeraert

Aaron Alexander Geeraert is a wandering artist specializing in digital media. Traditionally trained in drawing, painting and sculpture, Aaron has mastered his digital software tools via ...
September 2012
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